The ASCF is always looking for new members to support the promotion of community safety and injury prevention.  Please contact the ASCF for more details or complete either an Individual or Corporate Membership application form. See below.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to a diverse injury prevention and community safety network
  • Access to up-to-date information about injury prevention and community safety issues
  • Access to local, regional, national and international networks for information, advice and ideas for addressing injury prevention and community safety issues
  • Opportunity to participate in and support an organisation that adds value to the body of knowledge about injury prevention and community safety promotion through practical research, modelling of best practice and two-way transfer of information.

Types of Membership

 A. Individual Member

There are 5 categories of individual membership of the ASCF: Student, Associate, Member, Community Fellow and Life Community Fellow.

B.  Corporate Member 

Organisations of any size, whether an incorporated or incorporated body, partnership, small business, sole trader, statutory agency, Government Department, Local Government or community group that agree with support the objects and purposes of the Association and are prepared to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the Association, may apply to the Board to become a Corporate Member of the ASCF.